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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin is one of the largest providers fof HSA-qualified plans and the largest publicly traded health benefits company.

Through Anthem, Inc. and Wellpoint Health Networks, Inc. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin offers a large provider network for individual health coverage with access to the best physicians, specialists, and hospitals.  Though their Blue Access and Blue Preferred plans clients under 65 can attain both Network supported and non-Network supported care allowing customers to find more affordable healthcare with higher deductibles at different rates.  They also give their customers the ability to take more control of their healthcare with consumer driven plans in tandem with both Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Health Incentive Accounts (HIA).

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BCBS of WI HSA Plans at a Glance

These plans qualifies as HSA-eligible.  Combining a Health Savings Account (HSA) with this Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin HSA plans allows you to make tax-deductible contributions, pay medical expenses with pre-tax dollars, and earn tax-deferred interest.  This account works much like an IRA, except you may use your tax-free savings for qualified medical expenses your health plan does not cover, such as your deductible, contact lenses, or most types of alternative medicine (see the qualified medical expenses).  If you do not use these funds, they simply accumulate with interest, for distribution upon your retirement.

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Features Anthem Lumenos HSA
Doctor Office Visits – $2 million
Wellness Benefit* -100% All approved preventive care covered **
Prescription Drugs – 100%, 80%, or 70% after deductible
Hospital Services – 100%, 80%, or 70% after deductible
Plan Deductible
(This is the amount you pay each calendar year before benefits are paid.)
– Please run an instant quote for deductibles in your area
Chiropractic care – 100%, 80%, or 70% after deductible
Network Coinsurance
(This is the percentage of covered medical expenses Anthem pays after the deductible is met.)
– 100%, 80%, or 70% after deductible
Non-network Coinsurance
(If you go out of network, this the limit of covered medical expenses you pay after the deductible is met)
– 70%, 60%, or 50% after deductible
All other services – All Covered Services, including prescription drugs, are subject to deductible and coinsurance.

* Children services are not subject to deductible for age appropriate visits and routine immunizations, and are subject to the coinsurance limits of your plan.  Age specific mammogram screening and prostate screening are covered and are not subject to deductible or coinsurance.  Maximum payment of $500 per year.

** When you use providers in the network, nationally recommended preventive care services are paid for by Anthem, at zero cost to you.

This information is presented only as a very brief overview of some of the benefits of this plan, and is intended only for general education.  The amount of benefits provided depends on the plan selected. Premium will vary with the type of benefits selected.  These plans contain exclusions from and limitations of coverage.  Please see the product brochure for more complete information, as well as information about terms of renew ability, preexisting conditions, out-of-network penalties, and notification requirements.  Plans are subject to health underwriting.  To be considered for reimbursement, expenses must qualify as covered expenses.  Expenses are also subject to reasonable and customary limits, unless you use a network, and all other policy provisions, including determinations of medical necessity.

Coverage Synopsis

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin Lumenos HSA plan is available in a 100%, 80/20 or 70/30 version.  Click the Expand button to the right to view the Coverage Synopsis on each plan…

Lumenos Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP)

Lumenos plan work with HSA and HIA members in order to provide the customer with greater control over their health care.  All plans offer full coverage of preventive care services as well as resources to help the consumer become more knowledgeable about their health care.

Lumenos HSA combines a qualified HDHP with a tax-advantaged, member-funded HSA offering an array of individual and family deductible options under 0% and 20% coinsurance options.

Blue Access PPO Products

Blue Access PPO Products

Blue Access PPO offers both Network supported and non-Network supported benefits to members in which higher and lower benefit levels are paid respectively.  This allows members who are on a non-Network plan to take more financial responsibility of their healthcare.  The Blue Access PPO is preferred provider organization that offers a far-reaching network of physicians and hospitals.  Through Anthem, members can get coverage at three different product designs with three different deductible rates allowing clients the freedom to pick a plan that suits their needs.  All plans offer Network and non-Network benefits with miscellaneous options including three Rx options and a Maternity Rider.

Blue Access Economy & Blue Access Value

Blue Access allows members to obtain affordable healthcare with the Blue Access Economy PPO product offering 4 different deductible rates and a higher percentage (30%) of member coinsurance than the standard Blue Access PPO product.  We also offer consumers the ability to afford protection against unexpected medical bills through our Blue Access Value PPO product.  This gives higher deductibles with the same inpatient benefits as our other products, but offers lower premiums on outpatient benefits.

Blue Preffered Plus (POS)

Blue Preferred Plus

The Blue Preferred Plus POS network gives members of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield more discounts than the PPO network.  This product also provides both Network and non-Network that are paid at respective benefit levels.  This open PPO product has two different designs, both with different deductibles that include different benefits and monthly premiums for both Network and non-Network supported clients.

Blue Preferred Term Life

This Anthem life plan provides a fiscal levee against any financial obligations a member’s family may have to meet once they are no longer there to provide the means.  The benefit offers rates of $15,000, $25,000, and $50,000 and is available with most Anthem medical plans.

Other Blue Cross Blue Shield Products

Blue Short Term

This product allows those who are without health coverage for a temporary time to afford protection for 30 – 180 days from unexpected health issues.  Blue Short Term offers deductibles up to $5,000 as well as 20% member coinsurance and a $500 per member per benefit maximum.

Dental Blue

This plan can be purchased in tandem with medical benefits plan or on its own.  This plan promotes diagnostic and preventive oral care and also offers deductibles for basic and major dental care.

Plan Options

All Blue Access PPO products come with 3 Rx options as well as benefits depending on deductible rates.  Maternity Riders are available with the Blue Access and the Blue Preferred Plus plans. If a member wants to change their benefit status they can do so twice per year by sending in an application to Underwriting.

Rate Information

Rates are available on our instant quote page.  Rates are regulated by state law, and no one can offer lower rates than HSA for America.

Rates are the same throughout Wisconsin, and don’t change by zip code or effective date.  Though rates may change at any time, readjustments typically occur on January 1st of each year.

The correct rate is determined by the applicant’s age on the effective date of coverage.  Members can choose automatic bank drafts as a billing option either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  The first month’s premium is required with the initial application and once the underwriting process is competed and the final rate is figured, any remaining balance will be forwarded to the next month’s bill.  Payments can be made by credit card, bank draft, or by check.

All HSA plans have an aggregate deductible where one or all family members contribute and work towards meeting a single deductible. You have until April 15, 2015 to make contributions to your HSA and claim it on your 2014 tax return.

BCBS of WI PPO Network

WellPoint, Inc. and Anthem, Inc., members of Blue Cross Blue Shield Operations, has over 42,000 associates and offers large networks with access to many of the best medical services in the area.  Associates are coordinated with in order to make care accessible to patients.  Many plans offer online resources in order to help members better manage their healthcare.  View the Anthem PPO Online Provider Directory


Much of the source of the underwriting information comes from the filling out of the application as the underwriting process often consists of a review of the detailed and completed application.  In the case that medical records are required, the underwriting process can take longer.  It is important to offer a detailed medical history and current medical status when applying because different rates of coverage apply.  Check with us for stipulations of specific conditions that could change coverage.  It is recommended that applicants are submitted three weeks prior to effective dates, but to avoid the wait, applicants can apply online and be approved within 24 hours.

Effective Dates

Effective dates of completed applications will be determined by a ten-day period between the time that the application is signed and dated and when the application is received.  Applications become effective on either the 1st or the 15th of the month after the application’s received date depending on the ten-day period, however there are options for continuous coverage so that a policy goes immediately into effect.

For those who are already covered, it is suggested that you maintain your current coverage in force until you have received notice from either HSA for America or directly from Anthem that your policy has been approved and is in force.

HSA Administrators

You may set up your health savings account with any qualified HSA trustee or administrator, regardless from which insurance company your purchase your HSA-qualified health insurance.  Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has chosen JPMorgan Chase to be their administrator of choice.  If you would like to set up your health savings account with JPMorgan Chase, you may submit your HSA application together with your health plan application.  The Anthem-sponsored JPMorgan Chase HSA has the following fees:…

  • Account set-up fee:  $20.00 one time
  • HSA administration fee:  $3.00 per month
  • ATM usage fee:  $1.00 per transaction
  • Check book issuance (if requested):  $9.95 per check book
  • Convenience check fee:  $0.25 per check processed
  • Duplicate check fee:  $10.00 per duplicate check
  • Account closing fee:  $20.00

You may also choose one from our HSA administrator page, where you can compare rates and features.

About Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin has been working for the people of Wisconsin since 1940, and with its affiliate CompcareBlue, provide health care to more that 766,000 members and provides an array of benefits.  It is now the largest health insurance carrier in Wisconsin.  Members can expect health care options that suite their needs as individual members as well as groups members.

Anthem is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol ATH, and is the fifth largest publicly traded health benefits company in the United States.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin has been assigned a rating of “A” (Excellent) from the A.M. Best Company, an independent insurance rating organization.

HSA for America is an independent authorized Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield agent.


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